Add Your RSS Newsfeed is a news portal where we post articles about African and diaspora spirituality and culture.  If you have a blog or site that you think we’d be interested in, please let us know at

There are three ways to be included. 

RSS feed article fetching

This is where we make a new article in the main content section featuring your latest content.  Please be sure that if you only want us to post a summary of your article, your feed display settings are on “summary” and not “full text”.

Normal RSS feed widget

This is where we add your RSS feed to one of our “widget” areas.

For either of the above, just send us the URL to your RSS/XML feed, and tell us whether you want the article or widget option.

Facebook feed widget

You can have the latest content from your Facebook page featured in one of our widget areas.  Just send us your page ID, and we’ll do the rest.