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Let’s Go Crazy


Bi iwin bi idin
like madness, like maggots
Cast divination for Sango 
Who was asked to offer his pants and his scarf 
He refused …

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Free Video Course: Fundamental Keys To Understanding Ifa | Babalawo Training

Tree of Life

Awódélé Ifáyemí is offering a free online video course to help those who would like to train as babalawo, to understand the fundamentals of Ifa.  You don’t want to miss this.  If you have been considering becoming a babalawo, or you are an olorisha who just wants to learn more about the Odu Ifa, this is a unique opportunity to learn with guidance.

via Fundamental Keys To Understanding Ifa | Babalawo Training.

Do You Need a Babalawo or an Olorisha? :

Ifa Divination

Consider any other professional services discipline in your community, they coexist, and have a symbiotic relation. A Babalawo and an Olorisha can well serve the same community by focusing on their respective areas of expertise.

Read more at Do You Need a Babalawo or an Olorisha? :.

Oloye Awodele Ifayemi poses an important question for Orisha adherents who, in the diaspora, have so many options for receiving divination that it is difficult to choose which would suit their individual situation.