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Magickal Ingredient Substitutions

Mortar and PestleMany times when we are publishing instructions and recipes, we forget that not everything is available or appropriate for everyone in the world.  Different local environments, economies, customs, and taboos all come into play.  It is a good idea to at least mention possible substitutions. In the case that you …

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Mother blames obeah for death of daughter – News –

DLANCO McFarlane had been ill for the last six months.

Her relatives tried everything to get her better after she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. But, despite repeated trips to the hospital and ‘prayer warriors’ converging on her mother’s home in Red Hills, St Andrew, her condition worsened.

via Mother blames obeah for death of daughter – News –

Christians prayed over her and failed to heal her, and the Obeah man gave her actual herbal medicine, but he is somehow to blame???

Be careful out there.  Remember the saying that he who does the work gets the blame.  Be very careful who you serve.  Always do divination first, and if it says no, then don’t do it no matter how nice they seem.  If the “bad eye” is shown in their intentions, then send them back to the Christians.  They will probably then blame you for not helping them, but they can’t take rejection to court.