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Shakka Ahmose Makes the Top 100 at ReverbNation

 Shakka Ahmose

Shakka Ahmose, the singer who put Kemetic spirituality to a tune that today’s struggling youth can hear, has made the top 100 at ReverbNation.  It is no surprise since he is singing the message of our Ancestors.  He speaks right to our DNA.

Congratulations, Shakka Ahmose!  We in Vodun News and Ile Baalat Teva wish you even greater success and opportunity to shine like the Morning Star.

Warning: have tissues handy.  This song brings healing tears.

“See my Mother
See my Father.
Never ever let them tell you who you are.

‘See my Mother.
See my Father.
See my reflection, and it’s bright as the Morning Star.” — Shakka Ahmose

Oriki Need to Be Preserved

An interesting article on how Yoruba youth are losing their Oriki.  Oriki are basically the stories behind towns, people, animals, and other things.  They are like the poetry of life that, if someone has been blessed to have, they should learn them and treasure them.

Visit: http://tribune.com.ng/index.php/features/13508-yoruba-oriki-a-dying-cultural-genre