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Orisha Online Altar Possibly Flood Attacked, Vodun Calendar Moved

Protection NkisiThis weekend, the Orisha Online Altar was flood attacked, perhaps coincidentally but perhaps not, after Sheloya angered some white supremacists, one of whom made a veiled threat.  The damage was repaired, but it reminded us of the need to make sure to take precautions against people who have a problem with Africans and African beliefs.

The site has been repaired, but there have been a few changes.  One of them is that the Vodun Calendar is now in a separate directory, so that the whole site isn’t shut down just because someone exploits one feature.

The new calendar is at http://www.soulmindbody.net/voduncalendar

Please update your bookmarks.


There is a new calendar at Orisha Online Altar.  It has the days of the week as well as holidays in Africa and the Vodun diaspora.  Readers can submit their local festivals and events, and regional and traditional holidays. This … Continue reading