Africans Fleeing Ukraine Held at Gunpoint at Polish Border Despite Agreements Between African Nations and Poland

African students show video proving that they are not being allowed to cross the borders to escape Ukraine during the Russian invasion, despite agreements between Poland and their home countries. Some say they are not even being asked for any identification, and that guards let European looking people through, but not brown people. Indian students and Ukrainians with African ancestry are said to be facing the same.

Ukrainians and supporters have been insisting that right wing extremism is not as widespread or intense as has been reported. However, it is a documented fact that many from the extremist groups join the police and armed forces specifically to infiltrate and recruit. So what is the truth? This does not look like racism in eastern Europe is “no big deal”.

By the way, Putin is still wrong. No doubt about it. Not everybody in Ukraine is a nazi, and even their children don’t deserve bombs falling on them. If they don’t want to look like nazis though, they need to fix this.

Sis. Nicole Lasher

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