King Brujo talks Orisha and Initiations with REAL Ifa Priestess (Iyanifa) Ifadara – YouTube

King Brujo and Iyanifa Ifadara help to clear some things up about traditional initiations and the importance of getting to the source with regards to learning to align with various Orishas. This can apply to other regionally manifested spirits and deities as well.

Having a basis in the traditions is important for both laypersons and witches in the western/diaspora sense. In fact they discuss the Iyami and the fact that this was recognized as a part of the pantheon and worldview. So even if you do consider your path transgressive, there is a place for it so decisions about initiation should be based on your readings, not your feels. Even if your readings came out ambiguous or anti organization, it may be because your regional ancestral path is more reclusive sages than group oriented.

Exploration of the traditional should at least be a part of your education.

Sis. Nicole Lasher

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