Spiritual Predators w/Rod Hayes – YouTube – With Commentary

King Brujo and Rod Hayes come together to discuss spiritual predators like Isis Wisdom and others

Spiritual PredatorsWebmatron’s notes: There’s going to be a lot in this video that I disagree with, but I disagree with fakery in the community more. There is a difference between someone having outlandish perspectives and opinions and being fake. Despite the disagreements, I’m posting this because I want my people to understand that I am not afraid of ideas like most African Americans being at least partly Indigenous (which I’m inclined to think may be true) or the existence of a “Gay agenda”.

There is certainly a “white” Gay agenda, just like there is “white” feminism, that the world would do well to counter. I just think that cis hetero men in the U.S. don’t know how deep the “white” supremacy rabbit hole goes because they enjoy some tiny scrap of privilege within it and are educated with colonialist ideas of power, authority, and manhood as a gender role. Sometimes people more jealously guard the tiny scrap than someone else unpacking would a whole helping. Also, I recognize that some of the homophobia is trauma informed. As long as it stays a matter of what they personally like or dislike, and doesn’t get to running back under “white” supremacy’s skirt to vote to take away people’s rights, I’m good. I like being just as free to avoid dudes who can’t deal with my non conformity to colonial imposed gender roles and divisions.

But back to realness, I want viewers to set aside the discomfort with what Rod is saying, and pay attention to the message and the sincerity. He’s not pushing Blavatsky unless you count the lizard people thing. If there’s just reptilians then we’re still in a safe albeit Sumerian place. If there’s reptilians and underground people and races created in a lab, then this is the origin story of a future King Brujo video. We’ll see how this plays out.

The point is that disagreements aside, people misrepresenting African and diaspora spirituality or weaponsizing it to push “white” supremacy renders someone an enemy. Our people need to have a lot more discernment when it comes to telling who is who, and the only way to do that is to get back to the roots. Talk to actual Africans. There are plenty of them, and most especially of a certain age, if they are adherents of their indigenous belief systems, are happy to share information. Just don’t be isolated. While you’re on YouTube watching your favorite spiritualist who makes you feel good or whatever, type “Ifa” or “Vodun” in the search.

Be curious. Do your own research. Then people can’t scam you no matter how pseudo spiritual or intellectual they sound, and the real wouldn’t alienate you no matter how weird they seem.

Sis. Nicole Lasher

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