Knowing What Is What: On Transformation, Angels and Demons, and Misinterpretation of Mysticism – YouTube

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher shares some knowledge about the influences of abrahamic belief systems and defines a few key concepts often referred to, such as “angels” and “demons”. She also goes in on how to tell the difference between conscious African spirituality and “white” supremacist theosophy disguising itself as African…

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Gaslighting and Whataboutism Rampant on Black Twitter In the Wake of Discrimination in Ukraine


When the Russian army invaded Ukraine, many African Americans posted their opinion that it’s “none of our business”. Dr. Umar echoed this opinion, saying Africans should “mind our own business”. Apparently he didn’t know that African Ukrainians exist, and that many Africans and Caribbean diasporans live and study there. Of…

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