Gaslighting and Whataboutism Rampant on Black Twitter In the Wake of Discrimination in Ukraine


When the Russian army invaded Ukraine, many African Americans posted their opinion that it’s “none of our business”. Dr. Umar echoed this opinion, saying Africans should “mind our own business”. Apparently he didn’t know that African Ukrainians exist, and that many Africans and Caribbean diasporans live and study there. Of…

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Africans Fleeing Ukraine Held at Gunpoint at Polish Border Despite Agreements Between African Nations and Poland

Watch how they are threatening to shoot us! We are currently at the Ukraine -Poland border. Their Police and Army refused to let Africans cross they only allow Ukrainian. Some have slept here for 2 days under this scorching cold weather, while many have gone back to Lviv. —…

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Nigerian Embassies in Ukraine, Poland Reveal Safety Plan for Citizens – Arise News

“The Nigerian Embassy staff and along with volunteers will be at the Polish-Ukrainian borders with buses and vans to pick up Nigerians from the crossing border points and locations below:*Hrebenne-Rawa Ruska*Szko?a Podstawowa w Lubyczy Królewskiej (zaplecze hali sportowej) ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 5, 22-680 Lubycza Królewska*Phone:* +48-729275316*Korczowa-Krakowiec*?wietlica, Korczowa 155, 37-552…

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