The Fake List

This is a list of social media and websites peddling fake African, Indigenous, or other traditional or established streams of spirituality. These sites and any memes, posts, or other materials coming from them are promoting fakery, and may be run by agents of some “white” supremacist group or one that serves “white” supremacy by spreading falsehoods, whitewashing, watering down, or corrupting our systems with disempowering manipulations.

Please also see the Fakery and Phuckery topic for videos and other resources for telling who is real and who is not. Special thanks to Lenon Honor who went hard on Dr. Umar since some of the Prince of Pan Pizza’s underlings decided to spread falsehoods and make threats against Lenon’s family. So everybody’s clear, Dr. Umar is a scammer. FDMG is not coming. The HVACs are probably being stripped by the local unofficial reappropriation crews as this is being written. The school is 13 years late and counting. Don’t send him any more money. If you feel like funding a Black man actually accomplishing something, send money to Lenon and join us in the Cookie Crush Chat to diss scammers and console the duped and recovering with humor.

Some news about “King Brujo”,  I should have listened to my gut.

Being of a background that draws certain suspicions and criticisms, I can’t afford to be getting mixed up with the disrespectfully mixed up. I don’t claim any African traditional initiations, and make it clear that if someone needs that, I am happy to refer them to a traditional babalawo, iyanifa, or priest/ess. It’s not so hard. I don’t know why anybody is still trying to pull the fake titles scam.

Back to Mr. Mixed up, the “brujo” oscillates between “white knight” and wannabe Joker (which I guess would make Leonard Elmira Batman) which is a symptom of something not good. He seems unhinged to the point that he’s bragging on things that amount to admissions that he’s been paying for promotion. Then he’ll turn around and accuse people who earned their following organically of following behind him.

He doesn’t seem to get that the reason most of us out here are giving him a wide berth, and Leonard is laughing at him is because we know the Orishas better than he pretends to. They are the hardest on their own children, and nobody wants to be in the crossfire between Eshu and whoever’s catching the whoopin’ stick. Hubris is a big no-no.

Here’s what happened when another Haitian Vodoussaint who was tired of his b.s. contacted the temple he’s supposedly operating from.

I wonder if he missed the warnings while he was all up in arms against Voodoo Diva that though many of us disagreed with her recent hypocritical bent, nobody called her not a real priestess. It was her man getting her into trouble. In fact, some of the beef was around her doing spellwork that she had verbally condemned because of her man, and turning her back on many of us who previously supported her because former career aside, she was doing the work. I wonder if she did a little more.

Anyway, you notice none of her groups are on this page. Wondering why?

We have serious disagreements. I can’t do the pickme thing. I’ve had too many wonderful men in my life to lower the bar for the self pitying. I know too many actual African men functioning as actual men of varying orientations, to give too much slack to weaksauce misogyny. That’s a hard limit. I also don’t get into any of the blavatskian b.s. So we don’t vibe well. However, there’s a difference between having wacked out beliefs and being a malevolent agent. I will happily call her on the hypocrisy, but many of us were there with her when she was cool, and know that she is an actual practitioner. Maybe currently serving some energies she will regret as she matures spiritually, but she is sincere.

For us, that line isn’t beliefs. We’re not the thought police going after anyone who just has different beliefs and stays to themselves. The line for us is manipulation in the way of luring people in under false pretenses, “white” supremacist propaganda, espionage and entrapment schemes, encouragement of inauthentic accounts/algorithm manipulation, or crossing the line into threats, stalking, and harassment for disagreeing.

So the rating for this one: Creepy, cyberstalking and harassment (he actually dug up one of Leonard’s exes to make a rather ableist concern trolling video accusing him of “emotional abuse”), and faking Ifa.

Stay far away from this guy because any serious contact, especially that he thinks he can profit from, will lead to a crazy freakout the day you tell him “no”. When someone doesn’t understand “no”, there’s a problem.

Oh, and it gets worse. As if it wasn’t bad enough that “King Brujo” has tantrums whenever someone disagrees with him, apparently he’s buying likes and views.

What this means is that he should not only be avoided for your emotional health, he should be avoided for your search engine and social media rankings as well. If he’s doing inauthentic activity, he’ll be caught eventually, and if he is then everybody who benefited in run-off boosts because of association will go down with him. When he gets suspended or banned, you might get suspended or banned for sharing any of his content. Your profile or page may get flagged as inauthentic and you might have to do all sorts to prove that you’re you to get your account back.

If you aren’t penalized because you have enough history or they somehow improve the system, your rankings will still be reduced. You’ll lose relevance for your topic, tags, or keywords.

While we’re at it, you may want to check all your sites, pages, groups, etc. to make sure you aren’t being penalized for sharing the shady. This is why you need to be careful what you share, even pretty art and memes. If the source is doing inauthentic activity or has been flagged for some other offense, you can get caught in the sweep because a machine can’t tell the difference between a bot boosting bots and a human boosting bots. All it sees is bot or bot enhanced accounts propagating artificially.

Facebook Groups and Pages to Avoid

Some groups try to copy or imitate the names of legitimate groups, and get pretty large from invites, but be careful. Check the URL before joining a group that your friends told you about. Ask to be linked directly.

Black Archaeologist Group

Nobody posting there is an archaeologist or actual enthusiast, and very few posting are Black or even just African. It’s mostly “white” people posting racist and Aryan or alien theory nonsense. I mean:

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 08-45-33 (2) Black Archaeologist Group Facebook

It looks like a brigading hub and drama clicks generator. The few times someone actually does post something accurate, there’s a pile-on. The mods/owners do nothing to stop the spam or the drama.

Rating: Toxic, Racist, SMM manipulation


Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwok


I was invited by a friend, but every time I posted something about actual Hoodoo, Rootwork, or Conjure, the post was deleted. I also noticed the moderator who nixed my posts was not a visibly African person. That plus being told my stuff was off topic because she didn’t know about it is sus.

Rating: Ignorant, Tone Deaf, Possibly Inauthentic SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Church of the Dark Mother


Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 17-24-34 (2) The Church of the Dark Mother FacebookIt’s newagey vibe never sat right with me, but then the posts started alopecia shaming and leaning too toxic positivity. Creepy. They are not spiritual, matriarchal, and definitely not maternal womanist or feminist. It’s “white” hegemonic masculinity and respectability politics in drag.

Rating: Toxic, Culty

Ranks Africa

Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 10-49-25 (4) Ranks Africa FacebookAfrican fun, humor, and current affairs is the cover, but between posts and content stolen from other African groups and content creators, often for uses the originator did not intend, it promotes “white” supremacist politics and having sex/making children with underage girls. It is sick and the intention seems to be to lure Africans into supporting “white” supremacy and American conservative causes under the assumption that we are too stupid to know the difference.

The group is supposedly owner by a media company “Ikoroduliving” that doesn’t exist. Their website supposedly located at goes nowhere. The consistent poster of the group’s account “Tosin Komolafe” which seems to be a stolen identity unless someone thinks we all look the same, is hitting all the checkboxes for being fake. This group supposedly has 800K members, but it appears that most of those accounts are fake as well.

And ever since Roe v. Wade fell in the U.S. there have been way too many posts to be reasonable, about how being a teen mom and keeping the baby is a good thing, with underaged girls posing in front of luxury cars or other situations implying they were paid well for their situation. Gross.

Rating: Inauthentic SMM, Racist, Encouraging Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Science Humor

Not specifically an African spirituality group, but they dip into our archaeological and cultural territory from time to time to get members. I don’t understand why other than sadism because as soon as you post or comment, the racists and respectability police pop out. They steal most of their material from a combination of IFLS and other legitimate science groups and “bell curve” racist meme mills. This one was tricky until I dug into their comments and saw the classic pile ons to silence anyone who looked like a woman and dared to question anything. Not only is it not really a science group, but it promotes the idea that intelligent men are a bunch of frothing “incels”. The owners allow all kinds of misogyny, racism, and antisemitism. The worst thing about them though, is that their pile ons and sketchy posts are fake. Yup, the place is basically bots and cubicle trolls mostly talking to themselves. Many if not most threads are like a one man orgy of haterism.

Rating: Inauthentic SMM, Toxic, Misogynist, Antisemitic

The Order of Ascension

New age and theosophy posing as African/Kemetic spirituality. The fakery starts from the root as the group is run by Nancy TheAlchemist under the orders of TJ/JT (it switches them up) Blackmon, a well known misogynist and possible agent with a bad reputation from the 2010’s. So not only is he fake, but he’s old codger “red pill” struggling for relevance. Lately they’ve been harassing people who disagree with them. I guess things get desperate since that republican blood money stopped coming in. Apologies to guys out there with the same name. Please don’t start assuming things just because someone has the same name. Look in the profile. If you get 10 posts deep and don’t see anything praising any “white” supremacist self pity grifter, justifying Tramp, talking about how women should be submissive, or something transphobic, it’s not the guy.

Rating: Toxic, Fauxtep, Harassment/Stalking Danger

Quora Spaces to Avoid

Equality for All

Even has a cover photo of people giving the nazi salute. One would think it was supposed to show they’re anti nazi but nope. The owner of the group spends all day and night posting racist responses, and she invites a lot of people to the group to make it look diverse but it’s a trap. So don’t join it, or if you do then well, Quora’s overly tolerant so use that.

Rating: Neo Nazi

If you have a fake spiritual or scammy “panafrican” space we should know about, feel free to contact us.


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