The Fake List

This is a list of social media and websites peddling fake African, Indigenous, or other traditional or established streams of spirituality. These sites and any memes, posts, or other materials coming from them are promoting fakery, and may be run by agents of some “white” supremacist group or one that serves “white” supremacy by spreading falsehoods, whitewashing, watering down, or corrupting our systems with disempowering manipulations.

Please also see the Fakery and Phuckery topic for videos and other resources for telling who is real and who is not. Special thanks to King Brujo for helping to call these blavatskies out. African and diaspora spiritual systems are very diverse, but there are lines.

Facebook Groups to Avoid

Some groups try to copy or imitate the names of legitimate groups, and get pretty large from invites, but be careful. Check the URL before joining a group that your friends told you about. Ask to be linked directly.

Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwok


I was invited by a friend, but every time I posted something about actual Hoodoo, Rootwork, or Conjure, the post was deleted. I also noticed the moderator who nixed my posts was not a visibly African person. That plus being told my stuff was off topic because she didn’t know about it is sus.

Quora Spaces to Avoid

Equality for All

Even has a cover photo of people giving the nazi salute. One would think it was supposed to show they’re anti nazi but nope. The owner of the group spends all day and night posting racist responses, and she invites a lot of people to the group to make it look diverse but it’s a trap. So don’t join it, or if you do then well, Quora’s overly tolerant so use that.

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