Infil-traitor Alert for U.S. Based African Spirituality Groups

Beware the Herd

Beware the Herd

I’ve noticed that lately, too many groups are moving in the direction of “white” people being a virus or devils or alien hybrids or genetically engineered whatever created in a lab who need to be exterminated. This is a red flag, and should alert anyone with half a brain that their group has been infiltrated by government/corporate spies. It is a trap they have been using for years to undermine African and European cultural focus groups.

They prey on your fears and insecurities, misinterpret science and history, and turn you into goons willing to kill your fellow citizens and engage in other over-the-top criminal activities. If you want to stay out of the trap, then know the red flags.

1. Promoting any kind of extermination, ethnic cleansing, or killing people because of their color.

2. Promoting the use of violence against children, child marriage, child betrothal, or sexual initiations/marriage before the legal age of consent.

3. Promoting the overthrow of government by un-democratic means, or the assassination of a government official.

4. Promoting armed robberies, theft, or other things that are sure to get you thrown into prison.

5. Borrowing from Helena Blavatsky or Theosophy, or adjusted versions of it because they are certain Black people don’t read, and wouldn’t notice. It’ll be all peace and love until one of the leaders rapes someone because they were affected by their “low vibration”.

The way they justify this is that if you’re enough of an uneducated sheep to fall into the trap, then you deserve what you get for it.

Eyes on the prize folks. There is a way to wage war, and being gullible is not it.

How to Sniff Out a Government/Corporate Infiltrator/Informer

Be aware that an infiltrator or informer may not be consciously aware that this is what they are.  Often, there is one who is actually in the employ of the government or an associated corporate entity, and a network of moles who report back to this person.  It used to be that the paid spy would try to get him/herself into a leadership position or next to the leader, but nowadays, having one or more moles is enough.

Sometimes the mole is used to merely gather information, but sometimes they are planted there to put forward ideas or philosophies that will surely destroy or neutralize the “harm” potential of the group.  By “harm” I mean harm to the status quo or agents and structures thereof.

If they can convince you to become an obvious and public threat to your neighbors, then you cease to be a threat to the status quo.  You also play into the hands of the mainstream media, who uses African Americans as the “boogie man” with which to scare other African and European Americans into obedience.  They need to stay obedient and run to the government for protection from you, rather than you being the protective warriors to whom everyone runs for protection from the government.

Certain ideas can infect and weaken your movement, and the government spy or mole will be the most vehement supporters of these ideas.  You know it’s from the government/corporate script for certain, when it doesn’t stop at just one thing, and follows a pattern.  There are a few patterns, but they all end up in a shootout with the government, which you will lose because they have bigger guns; or mass arrests because your leaders are molesting your children in the name of some “god”.

Another tactic they use is to weaken the individual. They will condemn activities that are common in our spirituality such as love and family cohesion and reconciliation, as well as aggressive/defensive workings. They do not want you learning how to defend yourself from your enemies because they are the enemy. Anything that is in the realm of personal choice, self ownership, agency over the self, and self determination, they will hate on. They are usually very anti abortion, and very against LGBTQIA+ because they believe even consenting adults need to be controlled and forced to breed. This use of religion/pseudo spirituality to impose on people’s sexuality ends up leading to real perversion in the form of non consensual violations of members and often outsiders who did not volunteer.

Don’t feel singled out in this as an African.  Mormon off-shoots, militia groups, Asatru, Odinist, and others have been targeted, infiltrated, and neutralized.  All of their former members in the know, can tell you the way things developed.  They somehow managed to get away with certain things for years, but then someone convinces them to take that little step further, and they are suddenly caught and find out that the police/government knows everything they’ve been up to from the beginning.

The U.S. government apparently views some kids being sexually abused, and dissenters being murdered as a small price to pay to get rid of a nuisance in the long run.  Be aware.

If someone in your group starts to promote weakening ideas, do a background check on them.  This will tell you if they are just mentally sick, or if they are an informer.Many informers come out of the military, police, government work, or prison.  They are recruited and groomed in those, and sometimes they are recruited because they did something wrong.  If you encounter someone who always seems to have time, money, and resources, but they don’t have a job that justifies their spending, and didn’t inherit some money, then they are probably an informer.

Another sign of an informer is that they use methods of speech, promotion, and press that are behind the times, or came from a psyops “textbook”.  Someone with their finger on the pulse of the people is going with the flow.  They are posting information in the stream of living their lives and their purpose.  The informer must have structure and statistics.

The informer cannot relax.  You won’t see them in a casual situation, actually serving people in a way that would make them tired or possibly lose control of anything except maybe their temper.  They show anger and agitation when someone disagrees with them, and can’t accept that there would be a different perspective.  This is because they are trained to get people to obey, or will suffer some penalty if they don’t get people to fall in line with their professed beliefs.

The government and corporations have done exhaustive research on cults, megalomania, social dynamics, and manipulation tactics.  They are willing to use this against you or allow them to be used on you, with their assistance, in order to keep the money rolling in the direction they want it to.

Just be aware.

African and diaspora spirituality, both the traditional and the esoteric/mystical is practical. Vibration has nothing to do with whether you are pleasant or obedient. We don’t do “karma” in the way westerners grossly misinterpret it. We already have Akosejaye, Akara Aka, and Se-, concepts from Africa. If one wants to go with an eastern belief, they should probably find out what it means to practitioners of actual eastern belief systems, such as Buddhism, and Hinduism.

The reason the word “karma” and concern of “vibration” became related to compliance to western norms, toxic positivity, and dogmatic passivity is because of Theosophy, an inherently “white” supremacist belief system. Vibration means a whole different thing in African systems, and we need to stop this foolishness.

The mind control begins with demonizing your ancestral protections.

Additional Links and Info

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More links as they are gathered. The links plugin I would normally have used couldn’t last through the upgrade, so I have to put these in manually.

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