Helichrysum a.k.a. Buchu, Vuku, or Imphepho

There are many useful varieties of helichrysum, but the species that work the best for healing the skin and visions are helichrysum odoratissimum from South Africa and helichrysum italicum (immortelle) from Corsica.  So when you buy the essential oil or herb, check to see which you are getting.  Different types of helichrysum have different uses.  Helichrysum arenarium, for instance, works best as a diuretic and against joint pain from arthritis or tendonitis.

In African herbal medicine, a tea made from 1-2 grams of flowers and/or leaves and 1/2 liter of water taken twice per day is used to treat urinary tract infections and sexual dysfunction in women.  It should not be used as a replacement for antibiotics or antibacterial or immunity boosting treatments, but as a rejuvenator to heal damaged tissues.  Part of the reason for repeated or chronic UTI’s is tears in the bladder or urethra that get progressively worse if they are not healed.  Scar tissue can also form from everyday things like wearing tight clothing, riding bicycles, sitting a lot, and other things that can cause trauma to the genital area.  Vuku is well known for helping tissues of the body to heal and regenerate.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, you should always have helichrysum essential oil on hand.  If you get a spot of ringworm (tinea) or a boil, put a drop on it straight and let it air out.  It will sting, but it will help your skin to help itself quickly.

For visions, burn helichrysum flowers and leaves on charcoal, and enjoy the “contact fumes”.  There is no need to inhale too deeply or smoke it in a pipe.  It won’t get you high, but it does make it easier to go into a deeper trance and see the energy in and around things.  When you sleep that night, you will also have prophetic or present-illuminating dreams.

In charm bags, helichrysum has the energy of romantic love, female sexuality, and beauty.  It helps a person to be more confident, and has been said to literally make a person more beautiful.  Both its smell and its vibration are very good for women and feminine androgynes.

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