New Vodun Calendar

Vodun CalendarUpdated March 8, 2022

The Vodun Calendar is now active at Google Calendar. While WordPress developers are working on upgrading their code, and some are having a little problem coping with the realities of the internet and pressuring the wrong people, things are a little too unstable to rely on them. So I and many other webmasters are sort of rolling back to the simplest thing that works reliably with the least headache.

The new calendar is still posted at the Vodun Calendar site at but now because it’s on Google, you can embed it into your own site too, and it will be reliable. Also, it still has the days of the week as well as holidays in Africa and the Vodun diaspora.  Readers can submit their local festivals and events, and regional and traditional holidays.

This calendar can be subscribed to in Google Calendar or if you use a different application, refer to the ICAL file.


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