Babalójè Òjéníyì Ifáyemí Wishes All a Happy New Year | Facebook

·Happy New Year 10,064 to all Yoru?bá Race in the whole World.Yoru?bá New Year is 3rd of June and first Saturday of June is IFÁ festival in Ìf??.The Yorùbá New Year starts with IFÁ festival and hear messages from Ifá to know how the new year will be.Different between Yoru?bá Ka?l??nda? and British and Arab CalendarYoru?bá New year in this June 10,064Britain New year in January 2022 Arab New year in July 30 1444Yoru?bá Records is far and longest than othersOgunlola Akano OgunsegunAmona OpeOluwo Ifalola Anifaonitunmo

Source: Facebook

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