Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Found Dead Wednesday July 7 2022

Sherry Smith Sherry Gamble Smith was found dead, and her husband injured yesterday. Her husband died later at the hospital. Oklahoma police are investigating, and so far they say it looks like the incident was “domestic in nature”. Nobody is sure what exactly happened yet though, or why. Due to the nature of their work and community activism, it would be unwise to assume anything without a thorough investigation regardless of what it looks like. Appearances can be deceiving.

Sherry Yvonne Gamble Smith was the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. As you may know, Black Wall Street was what the Greenwood District, an African American area of Tulsa was called due to its success, which sparked the jealousy of “white” people who lived around the area. This jealousy, resentment, and over entitlement led to the infamous and devastating Tulsa Race Massacre.

Despite its sick motivations and devastating outcome, it was covered up to the point that nobody knows if it was just the 100 people they know of for certain, or the 300 who are known to have gone missing, or more who were killed. Mass graves are still being investigated. Like many other racially motivated extermination campaigns of the past century, some people are still alive who don’t want the truth to be found out as it could incriminate them of sully the name of their families. They might also have to give back some stolen wealth.

Under these circumstances, and understanding that there is no limit that is too much for “white” supremacists, even a violent attack that seems “domestic in nature” is suspect. So keep an eye on this.

Sis. Nicole Lasher

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