Òmìnira omo Odùduwà Said it Better

I was about to make a post today about why, even though I respect followers of Yeshua who aren’t afflicted with baalzvuvian cultism, I keep my practice African, Native American (Iswa), and Levantine. I don’t mix because I don’t need to. There has never in my entire life, been an occasion, even through the stint of learning Brujeria, wherein a Christian saint would fit better than an Orisha, Forest Person, or other deity or ally I was already observing.

Some others have, and that’s cool for them. Do whatever feels right for you, but for me there’s just too much second-handedness mixed with too much interest in goals I don’t align with. I’m not an absolute “pure” traditionalist by any stretch, but if I’m going to innovate, I’d rather do so from the original line than a copy. A bad and insufficient one at that.

After my deep research in biblical studies, I realised that all religion of the world have their root from Ì????e. After I decided to go to back to my tradition to learn more, I realised that most of the equologies we give in our churches to praise our God are from Ì????e. Then I asked myself how come the people who knew their creator with 14,000 names are unbelievers and those who adopted their culture into foreign faith are the true believers?The I asked myself that did all the names we call in our tradition come from foreign faith or from Ifá and our Irúnm?l??? The answer is no and I begin to question myself on what I was told from my childhood and reality. I got to know that our ancestors have the knowledge of 14,000 attributes with OLÓDÙMARÈ which gave birth to 14,000 oríkì of Olódùmarè.

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