Stop using FAKE spiritual excuses to stay in toxic relationships!!!! – YouTube

One of the things I hate to see is people short changing themselves in relationships by using the excuses, twin flame, soulmates soul ties, in order to justify staying in toxic and abusive situations. Not only does this prevent you from welcoming actual loving people into your world, it stops your from healing from the root of your issues.

Sharing Memes and Art? Check and Credit for Your Spiritual Hygiene

Little Panther

In the wake of more mass shootings in the U.S. a new crop of memes, video clips, and art is circulating the internet. Some are darkly humorous, like the one about how to sneak a knife into a U.S. school. Some are rather insensitive, blaming protests against murderous police for…

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Why Dr Umar Johnson “The Pimp of Pan Africanism” or “The Prince of Pan Handling” should be in Jail. – YouTube

In This Video,I talked about Dr Umar Johnson and the FDMG Academy School Project that he has been using to defraud Africans all over the World for the last 12 years and his Racism Philosophy and hate speeches,Complains of people about his activities,His mode of operation and The recent Court…

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Let’s Go Crazy

Bi iwin bi idin like madness, like maggots Cast divination for Sango  Who was asked to offer his pants and his scarf  He refused … Original article: Let’s Go Crazy © This content was retrieved from another site, and neither Sheloya nor claims any ownership of or responsibility…

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