Greeks Return to Worshipping Gods of Ancient Greece

Some Greeks have returned to worshipping the ancient gods, as groups dedicated to the adoration of the Greek Pantheon spring up across modern-day Greece.Several different organizations and events exist that are working to create modern forms of celebration and ritual around the Greek gods. These groups often believe that Christianity replaced the ancients’ devotion to the gods by violent means and that rediscovering their connection to the gods is a form of reclamation.

Source: Greeks Return to Worshipping Gods of Ancient Greece

This isn’t about Vodun, but it is important news in Africa and everywhere else suffering from colonial Christian oppression. The Greeks were some of the first people the Roman church imposed their doctrine on by force, executing, torturing, and enslaving or committing other atrocities against many thousands of Pagans as well as followers of Yeshu’ who simply disagreed with the Roman orthodoxy or the emperor.

They won some degree of religious autonomy with the rise of the Greek Orthodox Church, but they were also oppressive in that even until last year, people who honored their Greek ancestors had to mostly practice in secret. People were banned from sacred areas even though it was clear that they would nor damage and may even restore the sites to their original splendor and purpose.

That this is on a major Greek news site is an indication that things are improving, and they should be encouraged to continue. It should not be dismissed that they are doing a very brave thing.

Ile Baalat Teva has been in contact with some practicing Greek Pagans in Greece for some time, and they need supplies. Most Greeks are going through severe hardship, so it’s difficult to get normal everyday supplies much less things their deities like such as myrrh and frankincense and other things from Africa. So if you are traveling there and know anyone who honors their ancestors, pack a little extra of some things and give them.  If you work in the industry and you find out a tourist is Greek, and they’re buying certain things, give them a good deal. They may be shy to ask.

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