None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa | Selly Thiam | Talks at Google – YouTube

In 2004, FannyAnn Eddy, an LGBT activist from Sierra Leone,West Africa was murdered in the offices of the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association. The news of her murder circulated around the world and was a turning point for Selly Thiam, a Senegalese lesbian living in the United States. To…

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Stoning to Death & Burning of Deborah Samuel:Is there any such thing as a Moderate Muslim?Lets talk. – YouTube

In This Video,I talked about the recent killing of Deborah Samuel, a Level Two student of Shehu Shagari College of Education who was on the 12th of May 2022 stoned to death and her body burnt by a mob of Muslim students of the college after she posted something on social media they deemed insulted the Prophet Muhammad., according to report, was dragged out of the college’s security post where she was hiding from her assailants, stoned to death and her copse then set on fire in a very barbaric manner.

Nigeria’s Christians uses Boko Haram tactics, destroy traditional African religious shrines and art – Africlandpost

Sixteenth and 17th century artefacts made in Benin: Fundamentalist Christians and Boko Haram share a common hostility to ancient African art. (Photo/AFP).More than 500 traditional-worship sites have been burned down, and worshippers have handed over art worth $500m to pastors.SAMUEL Nwankwo drove past a mob in the southeastern Nigerian town…

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Pastor Drops Dead Conducting Funeral Of Herbalist Who Previously Warned Not To Be Taken Into Church – OnlineNigeria News

Ominous signs of what was to come be­gan shortly after Pastor Odum began the open air funeral service. Soon after those at the ceremony took their seats under the bright and sunny weather, rain began to fall amid lightening and heavy thunder storms. This forced the casket bearing Pa Okoko’s…

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Ita Ayamba, Policeman In Akwa Ibom State Tortures Eight Year Old Daughter Over Witchcraft – OnlineNigeria News

“It was during their stay in Port Hracourt, that their stepmother took the children to a Pentecostal church. Goodness was accused of witchcraft at the church. Her stepmother was told that Goodness was the person responsible for their father’s non-rising profile in the force. The father who was also in…

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