How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?

Exposing the connection between racism, homophobia, American politics, and mass shootings.

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Be Careful What You Call Abrahamic

Bar Preparing Offerings

Since certain problems certain people have with Jewish people have come to light, I thought it was important to make a short note to articulate something for the benefit of other practitioners of ATR/ADTR’s. Right off the bat, we have no problem with actual Abraham as originator/founding prophet belief systems…

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Princess Leaves Royal Family to Marry American Shaman as Europeans ‘Don’t Want’ a Black Royal

A Norwegian princess—who is soon to marry a bisexual shaman from Hollywood—has announced that she will leave her royal duties after an explosion of media interest in her love life.Princess Martha Louise, the eldest child of Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja, made the announcement through a statement on the…

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