Gaslighting and Whataboutism Rampant on Black Twitter In the Wake of Discrimination in Ukraine


When the Russian army invaded Ukraine, many African Americans posted their opinion that it’s “none of our business”. Dr. Umar echoed this opinion, saying Africans should “mind our own business”. Apparently he didn’t know that African Ukrainians exist, and that many Africans and Caribbean diasporans live and study there. Of…

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Africans Are Even Being Prevented From Boarding Trains in Ukraine

2022-02-27 Africans Prevented From Boarding Trains in the Ukraine

The official visuals of Ukrainians blocking Africans from getting on trains. #AfricansinUkraine — Damilare / ViF (@Damilare_arah) February 26, 2022 This doesn’t look like right wing extremism was not a big deal. #AfricansinUkraine Visuals of the day. Ukraine left African families stranded at the train — Damilare /…

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Luba (Baluba) People: Highly Spiritual, Brave Founders of Pre-colonial African Kingdom of Luba and the Largest Ethnic Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Luba people also known as Baluba are a cluster of powerful ancient grassland and forest-dwelling hunters, kingdom-builders, highly spiritual cum agriculturalist Bantu-speaking peoples of Central Africa, and the largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are indigenous to the Katanga, Kasai, and Maniema regions which…

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TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE is a treasure trove of articles and photos on a variety of African cultures.  It’s one of those must-visit sites on the internet if you’re exploring or reclaiming your culture.  Every time I visit, I find something new and wonderful that I didn’t know before.

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