Gaslighting and Whataboutism Rampant on Black Twitter In the Wake of Discrimination in Ukraine

Gaslight When the Russian army invaded Ukraine, many African Americans posted their opinion that it’s “none of our business”. Dr. Umar echoed this opinion, saying Africans should “mind our own business”. Apparently he didn’t know that African Ukrainians exist, and that many Africans and Caribbean diasporans live and study there. Of course, this opinion also doesn’t take the prospect of nuclear war into account or the many ways in which the Russian government contributes to much dirt done in Africa and the middle east. We won’t even get into the pollution of the African American community with disinformation including but not limited to fake “leaders” fostering misogyny, homophobia, and Blavatsky/Theosophy originated myths.

So African Americans in denial and trolls across Twitter are gaslighting Africans and engaging in intense “whataboutism” (deflecting from an issue by bringing up other cases to minimize or dismiss the relevant issue). In their minds, it can’t be true because:

  • Russian disinformation exists, even though this situation has been confirmed by multiple news agencies in and outside Africa as well as African and Ukrainian governments, not just students with their cellphones.
  • The only place they are aware any racism or discrimination occurs is the U.S.
  • They’re drinking the koolade that NATO and the EU are perfect and organized in every way, and African countries are shortsighted savages who made no arrangements for their people.
  • They didn’t click the name of the people being retweeted to check anything, but felt confident to essentially call them Russian spies.
  • They didn’t click the name, and felt confident to call people spies because that would require thinking and not just regurgitating what Dr. Umar or some other wannabe megalomaniac exploiting his own people told them.

At this very moment, supposed Black people are arguing with me that it just cannot be. Worse, the reasoning behind it is the new age equivalent of “pastor says”.

So tired.

There is a concise (as much as I could narrow it down) list of sources to the right. I am tired of repeating myself. From now on, I will just refer people to this post. If they are too lazy to read and too racist, internally or externally, to accept the truth then I am too tired to deal with them. They can just go to hell.

One would think folks who supported the Ukrainian people would be concerned the borders are rife with pro Russian infiltrators lending validity to the nazi claims. At the very least they should be concerned about border disruption robberies and extortion. I guess thwarting traitors and criminal gangs is not as important as hurting Africans.

Update March 3, 2022:

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up a hotline for foreign nationals fleeing Ukraine.

If you prefer a raw list of the links on a plain HTML page, here is one that is current as of March 3, 2022.

Just the Links: Ukraine Border Discrimination

If I have any substantial additions, I will update it.


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