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I am not a fan of bombs falling on babies, but Africans and other Black people who may not already know this on their flesh, should understand the circumstances leading to this conflict did not come from nowhere.

“White” supremacy is the blind spot, rotten underbelly, and Achilles’s heel of the U.S. all rolled into one. End of the day, it’s about money, but “white” nationalism and whatever flavor of right wing extremism they can morph it into for export has been used as a tool to get broke people to drop bombs on babies since before WWII. Don’t think Putin wasn’t taking notes.

Boosting the right wing to destabilize nations is Putin’s go-to tactic. That’s what was done in the U.S. It was done in the Ukraine too.  All that dirt the Ukrainian neo nazis (I sh** you not, yes there are eastern Europeans who “white” supremacists call “lesser brothers” who are into that mess) have done against Gays, Jews, Africans, and anybody else they deem “other” doesn’t just disappear because Russia invaded them. Be aware that Russian occupation won’t be any better for the “others”.

So be anti war. Show support for the Ukrainian people, democracy, and freedom, but remember accountability. The Ukrainian government invited this situation. Their desire to join NATO is just a desire to join the biggest, baddest “white” club. They were probably not let in because they don’t understand the rules that you’re not supposed to broadcast your fascism to the public. If you’re in Africa or western Asia, and they join, then they will happily drop bombs and send drones for your babies like everyone else.

I wish some African nation who could plausibly help them would say, “We would stand with you if you stand against racism.”

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3) The Azov Battalion played a major combat role in the attacks by the coup government against Ukrainian citizens who opposed the coup. The Azov Battalion is avowedly “partially” pro-Nazi, as evidenced by its regalia, slogans, and programmatic statements, and as well-documented as such by several international monitoring organizations. The Azov Battalion was incorporated into the National Guards of Ukraine, the armed forces of the Ukrainian state, and today is reported to be being trained by U.S. Special Forces.

Source: Crisis or Confusion? A Brief Guide for Black Folk on the Situation in Ukraine | Black Agenda Report

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