Miami voters party affiliations changed by GOP canvassers | Miami Herald

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A common tactic of anti Black infiltrators in our communities is to make it look as if there are more of them than there really are. They also try to make it look as if the older generation is supportive of “conservative” politics. There were whole theories about why so many Latin Americans were Republican, ranging from trauma from communist governments in their countries of origin, to gratitude for being in the U.S. even though in daily life, a brown person, especially in a vulnerable circumstance like being disabled or elderly, is a target for discrimination and police brutality. Now we understand this was all a lie. When they could get away with it, the GOP changed people’s registration.

Article Excerpt

In all, 22 voters at Vernon Ashley Plaza, the public housing complex in Hialeah where Estevez lives, told reporters their party affiliation had also been changed without their knowledge or consent last year. All of them became Republicans. All of the paperwork was submitted by Republican Party canvassers, records show.

Source: Miami voters party affiliations changed by GOP canvassers | Miami Herald

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