Support Black and Brown people fleeing the war in Ukraine |

In the dramatic evacuation from the escalating military conflict, Black and Brown people have faced the additional traumatizing experiences of discrimination and racism. There are well-documented cases of Black and Brown people who were refused transportation to evacuate, separated from other evacuees at the border and made to wait in long lines without shelter, in rain or freezing temperatures and snow. When they do finally cross the border to Poland, tired, cold and hungry, they are not entitled to many of the special forms of support that have been made available to Ukrainians: free train transport to larger cities, free public transport in the cities, free access to healthcare. They have a limited right of stay in Poland, so that, rather than rest and recoup after their evacuation, they must work quickly to ensure they do not become undocumented.

Source: Support Black and Brown people fleeing the war in Ukraine |

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