Princess Leaves Royal Family to Marry American Shaman as Europeans ‘Don’t Want’ a Black Royal

A Norwegian princess—who is soon to marry a bisexual shaman from Hollywood—has announced that she will leave her royal duties after an explosion of media interest in her love life.Princess Martha Louise, the eldest child of Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja, made the announcement through a statement on the Norwegian royal family website, in which the palace thanked her for her service and said that while she will retain the title “princess,” she cannot use it in conjunction with her upcoming marriage to Hollywood spiritual guru Durek Verrett.

Source: Princess Leaves Royal Family to Marry American Shaman as Europeans ‘Don’t Want’ a Black Royal

Two things can be true at the same time.

American spirituality is a psychadelic minefield of “white” supremacy, snake oil capitalism, and trauma, especially for an African American man. It doesn’t cancel accountability, but I see his path similarly to King Brujo’s in that people wander into all sorts of traps when they don’t have a solid moral basis that isn’t somewhat based on Nature.

Durek Verret seems to me one of those people who fell into way too many of the traps and had a bout of megalomania for awhile, but settled down to actually helping people. He is successful and leads others to being successful in their own right, not dependent underlings. “Be your own damn guru” is one of his favorite sayings, and he seems to mean it.

My main problem with him is the conspiracy theory mess. Helpful as some of the meditation and affirmation methods may be, the aliens, antisemitism, and Blavatsky based garbage is already harming him and will harm others. As you know if you’ve read my Witchcraft 101 series, sensing and being in contact with extradimensional/extraterrestrial beings is par for the course for some, but the reality of this has nothing at all to do with David Icke or any of his theories. In fact, spouting any of that fakery is a clear red flag that someone is definitely NOT in contact with the greater collective of be-ings. If at all, they’ve been tapped as victims of a running prank.

He needs to reconnect to actual Haitian, African, and Norwegian spirituality to help him make sense of things. After he’s taken that journey he’ll have some idea of the actual historical and traditional side of things, and decide how much of that he wants to embrace, discard, or evolve. At the moment, he seems too happy to take new age shortcuts and spread conspiracy theories that have been debunked both factually and in divination.

So I wish him good luck and success in his relationship. Hopefully she’ll connect him to a shaman who is actually that.


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