Voodoo dances and rituals wow tourists at Benin festival | Reuters

OUIDAH, Benin, Jan 11 (Reuters) – On Benin’s national voodoo holiday, performers dressed as guardians of the night swirled in costumes resembling technicolour haystacks, delighting worshippers and tourists alike.Over a thousand people gathered in the small Atlantic coast town of Ouidah on Tuesday, once an important port in the slave…

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Germany returns 21 Benin bronzes to Nigeria – amid frustration at Britain | Nigeria | The Guardian

Twenty-one precious artefacts that were looted by British soldiers from the former west African kingdom of Benin 125 years ago have been handed over by Germany to Nigeria amid laughter, tears, and some audible frustration with the ongoing silence of the country that first stole them.The objects from the haul…

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Be Careful What You Call Abrahamic

Bar Preparing Offerings

Since certain problems certain people have with Jewish people have come to light, I thought it was important to make a short note to articulate something for the benefit of other practitioners of ATR/ADTR’s. Right off the bat, we have no problem with actual Abraham as originator/founding prophet belief systems…

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